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  • Back in time

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    Back in time

    Who wouldn’t go back in time and change all wrong things? Especially in love stories. Sometimes even just a year, a month or a few hours would be enough. Taken from the album “Don’t yell, don’t run” by Garden Hall.

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  • La sindrome di asperger

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    La sindrome di asperger

    The first documentary on Asperger’s Syndrome. The goal is to debunk a series of false myths about Asperger’s Syndrome and to provide basic information on the characteristics of individuals who are affected by it.

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  • Things as they are

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    Things as they are

    An old actor on the avenue of the sunset organizes fake auditions to attract beautiful and young aspiring actresses at his house. When Monika’s turn comes, however, something goes wrong. “I am Death”, she begins, and from that moment things change.

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  • Noleggio con conducente

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    Noleggio con conducente

    A look into all the conversations, adventures and misadventures that Giovanni, the owner of a rental with driver, will experience during his work. Improbable characters and stories: Giovanni will, despite himself, be involved in grotesque conversations and adventures.

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  • Paradise Inc.

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    Paradise Inc.

    What if Heaven was nothing more than a multinational corporation? It is the premise for this nice short film that makes you think.

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  • Etica dell’Omicidio

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    Etica dell’Omicidio

    Franco Nero in the role of a priest upset by a man’s murderous obsession has to come to terms with his own principles.

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